Friday, October 31, 2003

REBECCA'S POCKET - ALL you need to know about blogging with compassion.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Inoperable Terran - "Irony is the enemy of the (post)modern left." -- "Live from the home office, it's links and rants and other bloggy goodness."

GNOSIS - "Spilling out over the side to anyone who will listen" -- "What does any of this have to do with a Weblog? I dunno. We'll see I guess." -- checkout the insightful blogs "Essays After Montaigne" based on the classic Montaigne's Essays. very interesting.

MonkeyX - "A place for thoughtful monkeys discussing philosophy, current affairs, culture." -- just because i didn't find any pages on this site when i looked for "wilber", "integral", "samadhi", doesn't mean that this guy is not integral (whatever that means)... the integral community has a lot to learn from his blogs, especially the geek-kind.

ENLIGHTENTAINMENT.COM - "the biggest secret is that there's no secret. -- Enlightentainment is dedicated to maintaining levels of absurdity with mystical insights. We provide awareness, plain ol' madhness, and chaos to generate a Society To Enlighten Virtually Everyone. Brought to you by mystics, madmen, and chaosophers, you will absorb this site, and gain and lose ideas as you go..." -- a funky website with cool images and Shaolin colors. Follow the Saga of the Whitetrash Dalai Lama.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

White Trash Shaolin -- Visine for your 3rd Eye -- "in the process of starting a (r)evolution of consciousness...who am i? ...wannabe mystic...bodhisattva-in-training...exploring the universe...making friends...listening to stories...being calm, cool and collected...eating, drinking, dancing and making trouble...expanding the mind...contemplating...sparring...observing paradoxes...keeping it on the down-low...who am i? just another whitetrash shaolin...not two not one...just another carpenter's son..." -- look in the mirror.

narcissusholmes - "Everyone should read some Ken Wilber. I am reading "Up From Eden - A Trans-personal View Of Human Evolution". Pretty intense. If you think The Bible is good, you should read Wilber's "Sex, Ecology, and Spirituality" - the stories are not as good, and there are no songs, but it's worth the time."

The Wisdom Meme - "leading from the inner peace." -- "We are dedicated to helping leaders and organisations transform their performance. We work with leaders and their teams and organisations in powerful and innovative ways that release more of their innate wisdom." -- Dive into the Wisdom Meme's weblog.

Ottmar Liebert – “Music, Performance, Recording, the Business of Music, Traveling, Life, Art + unrelated subjects!” – a cool dude who’s been blogging since 1993!? Really?! And while you're at it, stop by his funky-colorful-uber-cool website and be dazzled by Luna Negra.

Get Naked @ Integral NAKED.

FUZZ'S JOURNAL - "Minneapolis-raised and self-taught guy who tends to talk too much about mysticism and psychology. I write a lot about these things too, but hope to get back into science-fiction and fantasy writing once I have another really good idea. In the meantime, I'm just living life in the moment as much as possible and seeing what there is to see--and seeing what too often gets overlooked. It's a blast."

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Awaken to Nonduality's Journal - people in who dig the nondual.

LIVEREAL.COM - technically not a blogsite... but it's a way of life. Communities and Members Who Dig KW - checkout these people. 116 heads, 6 communities and counting.

Matt - an integral artist with an uber-awesome website.
"Matt has played regularly with "Action Figure Party,"the quirky jazz/rock/funk brainchild of keyboardist Greg Kurstin, and The behemoth hip hop orchestra, "Dakah," led by Geoff Gallegos, an old friend responsible for coaxing Matt down to LA. He can also be heard supporting singers Damon Aaron and Jim Bianco. Matt has also led his own group, and is frequently showing his photography around LA. In addition to tenor saxophone, he plays flute, keyboards, percussion, and his new favorite instrument, the melodica."

wISard of ISn't - "a dharmapop management dude, and soon to be Boulderite with lots of Integral energy or something."

INTEGRAL JIVE - "Community for discussing Ken Wilber's books, ideas, and other related stuff. Or whatever we feel like, so there."
Jive with the cool integrally-aware talking heads. 54 members and counting!!!
Take a peek at Integral Jive's Journal
Jive with Integral Friends here.

LOTTA REFLECTIONS of Creative Futures
"Creative Futures was founded by Lotta Alsén in 1997 in Sweden, and she has since then worked with small and large corporations both in Sweden and in the US. At a time the company consisted of six consultants, but today Ms Alsén chooses to live as she preaches, i.e. working with others but through networks, instead of as employees. "
"Don't Panic", by Lotta Alsén and Troed Troedson. Published in Sweden in February, 2002. An English translation will be published in the winter of 2003. Please download the pre-book for free in a PDF-format: don'tpanic.pdf

My Looking Glass Self - an integrally-aware poet, photographer, and funny dude. too bad there's no contact info.
"I am not interested in getting hurt again. I don't want another relationship. Do not contact me... This is not a personals add. I am not looking for someone. I am obese (255 lbs)."

Enlightenment.Com and SpiritBlog Central - "many paths, one site -- Building a Living Community of Transformation." Journals – “many paths, one site”

Jordan Gruber’s Journal – the head honcho of

KEN WILBER MEETUP - This is NOT a blogsite... but for those who want to do it the old-fashioned way--in meatspace--check this out.

stoner's overly intellectual blog - another anonymous integrally-informed blogger. see Thomas Aquinas and the Buddhists

Monday, October 27, 2003

PAUL SALAMONE.COM - a site of radical "emptiness", literally.

Blog of Collective Intelligence - a collective blog of integrally-informed bloggers. - "building a living community of transformation"

Integral - "Informations, réflexions et anecdotes sur la personnalité humaine" - a spiraling integral blog that defined "Integral Blog".

dive into Matt's Fishwrapper and enjoy his fascinating journal and poetry...

INSOMNIAZ... - "From my most spiritual moments to my most corrupt, this is me on the web. welcome." checkout this anonymous kindred integral blogger.

Friday, October 24, 2003

STUARTDAVIS.COM - sugar-bullet junkie... listen... and be awed. checkout his albums. songs can be purchased and downloaded separately. cool gig.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Matthew Dallman - a passionate integral art pioneer. checkout his cool weblog and Matthew's list of integrally-informed artists from around the country. See also this must read essay for all Integral Artists -- Constructing an Artistic IOS.

/~/ "integral blogging with passion and compassion"

The Ultimate Integral Blogger -- KEN WILBER ONLINE

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"the end precedes the beginning,
And the end and the beginning were always there
Before the beginning and after the end.
And all is always now."
-T.S. Eliot

Kosmic Blogging... integral blogging with vision-logic, passion and compassion. "Blogging egos into cyberspace and watching them grow to infinity..."

"there is neither creation nor destruction,
neither destiny nor free-will;
neither path nor achievement;
this is the final truth."
-Ramana Maharshi

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