Monday, January 19, 2004

Easily Amazed - a blog by Ashley Cooper.

"i am a big fan of the outdoor shower. there is something about bathing, washing away the layers of a day (couple of days, week, etc!!) in the fresh air of the outdoors. i like some sort of enclosing that allows the hot steam to stay close to me while also enough of an opening to keep the outdoors inside my shower! i must also admit to you one of my biggest addictions: i LOVE hot showers. i'll skip a shower sometimes just so that i'll feel justified in taking a longer one the next day (that's is a partial truth!)."

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Kensho Godchaser - "My spiritual philosophy and practice is covered in detail on this site, but in brief, I follow a Pagan practice I call Goddess Devotionalism, which focuses on worshiping the Divine Mother in all of Her manifestations - Within, Without, and Beyond. I believe in achieving a transcendent realization of Divinity, but also in celebrating the Divine Feminine through all acts of love and pleasure (especially sex). See my essay Practical Enlightenment for an in-depth discussion."

"Kensho Godchaser is my spiritual name; my so-called 'mundane" name is Jay Andrew Allen. I alternate between these two labels, depending on which side of my personality is more dominant at the moment."

"I'm a practicing Pagan and Goddess Devotionalist who's attempting to integrate many of Wilber's major ideas into my own practice. (See THIS for a list of the Wilber-related articles.)"