Sunday, October 31, 2004

Unspoken - "This blog is the beginning of a process of making who I am known, explicit, public. To many of my friends and colleagues I am an unspoken presence. I am never truly shared, and thus, I am never truly known. For those of you in my life to whom I have remained a mystery, I offer this blog to you. If you are moved to do so, I am honored to have you bear witness to this process. But be forewarned, even though this blog exists for you, I do not. I exist for only One Thing. This blog is an expression of my understanding and relationship to that One Thing, and I shall serve that first, always."

Zoosphere - "Where God is Wild"

Isn't it refreshing to know that Reality, always already Free, can be more deeply liberated with respect to You, who are It, through a word, which is a cage? Welcome to the Zoosphere! Where Cages are Freedom!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Stephen Dinan's Articles - "Radical reflections on conscious living, politics, and current events, served up with Spirit"

Sunday, October 17, 2004

excerpts from the flow - "i am a paranoid american-muslim scribe scribbling the ugly truths of a disintegrating tribe..."

"i'm the one your mama warned you of: posterboy for contraband cultures and illicit love, i drop explicit beats and rock electric subs- strum the sickest funk and spin the hardest dub- my story begins in the subtext of my sordid conversion to the ideas of christ & my subversion of the fundamentalist zeitgeist with a sound so severe it burns holes into the fabric of your souls and leaves ringing tones where you thought your bones were... i'm here to piss off as many people as i can with ugly truths from my uncomfortable perspective. deal with it."

Tripp @ - "Welcome to my blog/journal. I'm pretty new to the phenomenon of blogging but I hope to create a cool outlet for the various stuff i get dipped into LIKE: making music, art, ITP, men's group, running a media production company, screwing up, surviving hurricanes (i live in florida), etc."

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Stephen Dinan's Articles - Radical reflections on conscious living, politics, and current events, served up with Spirit. "I'm a catalyst for change, helping to launch organizations, campaigns, events, books, and people who are making a positive impact. My articles reflect on the deeper aspects of changing ourselves, our communities, and our world. My subject matter ranges from the personal to the political, always infused with Spirit."

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Pongsathorn's Blog - Blogging a Life with Integral Insights - "Here I will keep track my life and thoughts based on integral insights. All beings in my Awareness manifest as a ray of radiant Spirit, all my past karma to be recalled and reconstructed, opening room for new beings to emerge."